Flood training report

Thank you to everyone who gave up their Thursday evening to participate in the flood response training at CIM Moor Hall.  Well done Carol Sturges for keeping our brains firing as we worked through her interesting and comprehensive emergency and flood scenarios. Thank you also to CIM Moor Hall for allowing the Parish Council to host the event at their lovely facilities.

We learned that the Flood Hub will be opened at CIM Moor Hall when we are on Flood Alert and the river level upstream at Cookham Lock is at 60cm and rising.  That Flood Hub volunteers will work in pairs with mobile phones and write up all enquiries and responses in a log.  That the Causeway will only open when all three roads into the village are closed and volunteers will work alongside traffic light engineers to help pedestrians cross safely.  That pumping out cellars risk walls collapsing due to external flood water pressure. And lots more too...

Suggestions for improving our flood preparedness and response included:
  • display an explanation of the road water depth gauges near the gauges
  • display the Flood Hub mobile telephone number somewhere where visitors can easily find it
  • do more to publicise this blogspot because lots of people still don't know about it
  • get builders to close open excavations before a flood to help stop water getting into the sewerage system
  • ask the Borough Council to close the Flap Valve outside The Crown to prevent water flowing up into the village; this should be done when the river upstream at Cookham Lock is about 100cm
The Parish Council Flood Committee will review the suggestions at its next meeting.  In the meantime, any help publicising the blogspot would be gratefully received.

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