Flood Hub

Cookham Parish Council has made plans to run a Flood Hub during a flood. It would normally be at Moor Hall (SL6 2LD), if flooding hasn't overwhelmed the sewage system, but may be a Virtual Flood Hub when key volunteers are away, or during a public health emergency requiring physical distancing.  Residents will be able to drop in or call the Flood Hub volunteers on 07593 528 060 or 07593 528 062 to request non-emergency help, to offer help, and to find out what's going on.

Information for residents before, during and after a flood is also available in Cookham Parish Council's two-page summary leaflet (pdf, 558kb) with useful telephone numbers and practical advice for residents and local businesses (2015).

The Cookham Flood Hub will be the Bronze level command centre. It will manage communications between the Cookham community and the other Emergency Operations Centres set up in the region (Gold Command for the Thames Valley and Silver Command for RBWM) as a result of the emergency. The Flood Hub will receive communications from local government and agency officials, volunteers, businesses, local institutions and members of the community in Cookham.  It will process those communications and report to the RBWM EOC (Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Emergency Operations Centre).  RBWM will be responsible for taking actions, communicating with the next level EOC (within the Bronze, Silver and Gold emergency communications structure), and for passing information back to Cookham EOC of relevance to the community.

Working with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and others, Cookham Parish Council first adopted plans for a Flood Hub in a draft emergency communication strategy (pdf, 49kb) in October 2014.  We held a dry run of the Flood Hub at an exercise in August 2015 which identified some training needs. Cllr Martin Coker's telecommunications plan (Word, 25kb) prepares for possible problems and describes how to use the 2-way radios available to the flood hub.  In February 2016, the Parish Council held a training event for Flood Hub volunteers.  Scott Salmon from the Environment Agency explained the Gold/Silver/Bronze command structure and guided us on how to deal with the public. Carol Long, Parish Flood Coordinator explained the principles of good communication and showed us how to keep an incident log. Fiona Hewer, Parish Council Chairman talked about how and when to set up the Flood Hub.  The agenda, presentations and exercises are available to download below.

Flood Hub Training agenda (Word, 15kb)

Civil Contingencies - how community flood hubs fit into the command structure (pdf 1.7Mb, PowerPoint 2.1Mb)

Gearing up for a Flood (pdf 3.6Mb, or PowerPoint 4.1Mb)
Blogspot exercise - find the answers on the cookhamfloodwarnings.blogspot.co.uk (Word, 76kb)

How to use 2way radios (Word, 25kb)

Communication Principles (pdf 1.6Mb, PowerPoint 588kb)
Communication Exercise (PowerPoint 584kb)

Log Sheets and how to use them (pdf 1.7Mb, PowerPoint 588kb)
Log sheet scenarios (Word, 15kb)
Log sheet exercise (PowerPoint 569kb)

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