River level

gov.uk publishes a live map of English and Welsh river levels. Or for a different presentation go to the gaugemap site.

Live hourly updates of the Environment Agency river gauge at Cookham Lock (upstream) should be displayed by the widget below.  If it hasn't updated you can find the latest river level at the link above.

1.46m - highest level in these records (January 2003)..... 1.36m - 2014 maximum level reached on on 10 February, Cookham village cut off by road..... 1.24m - in 2014 the water on Spade Oak Reach road was too deep for cars when the river reached this level.....1.22m - at about ths level the sewage pumping station at Lightlands Lane stops working due to flooded electrics...1.18m  - at this level Sutton Road at Widbrook Common flooded in 2014..... 1.12m  - when the river rose this high in 2014 the A4094 north of Cookham bridge flooded...... 1.00m is the level when the Moor Road (B4447 west of Cookham High Street) started to flood in 2013, 2014, and again in February 2021, number 37 bus stops running..... 0.60m - the normal range at Cookham Lock is 0 to 0.60m, flooding is possible above 0.60m.

The Environment Agency also publishes river conditions for boaters along the whole River Thames.