Jubilee River repairs

The Jubilee River was built to reduce the risk of flooding from the River Thames to over 3,000 properties in Maidenhead, Windsor, Eton and Cookham. It will not be fully operational for several weeks from 9 October 2020 while emergency repairs are carried out by the Environment Agency (EA) to Black Potts Weir. 

The repairs require a team of divers and a pontoon supporting two cranes.  The 'grout mattresses' underwater in the walls of the river need to be repaired and covered in sheet piling.  In addition, this needs to be protected with huge boulders called rock armour.  It's a big job! 

Phase 1 was complected in December 2020, and this enabled partial use of the Jubilee River to divert flood water during the flood alerts 24 December 2020 -  4 January 2021 and 21 January - 14 February 2021. 

Phase 2 works were due to take place January - March 2021, but were suspended on 19 January 2021 due to high river levels.  On 12 February workers were back at Black Potts Weir to reopen the footpaths and prepare for the emergency repair works to the rock armour to carry on.  There is more detail in the February 2021 EA briefing.

To signup for early warnings of flooding by phone, text or email visit the EA Floodline Warnings page or on call 0345 988 1188.




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