Training materials for councillors and volunteers

In 2014 the Parish Council adopted a  Cookham Emergency Plan - Communication Strategy (pdf, 49kb). The Council held a flood exercise in August 2015 which identified some training needs. In 2016 councillors, volunteers and officers from the Environment Agency, Fire Service and Windsor and Maidenhead Council participated in a training event at Elizabeth House.  Here are the materials used for the training.

Flood Hub Training agenda (Word, 15kb)

Civil Contingencies - how community flood hubs fit into the command structure (pdf 1.7Mb, PowerPoint 2.1Mb)

Gearing up for a Flood (pdf 3.6Mb, or PowerPoint 4.1Mb)
Blogspot exercise - find the answers on the (Word, 76kb)

How to use 2way radios (Word, 25kb)

Communication Principles (pdf 1.6Mb, PowerPoint 588kb)
Communication Exercise (PowerPoint 584kb)

Log Sheets and how to use them (pdf 1.7Mb, PowerPoint 588kb)
Log sheet scenarios (Word, 15kb)
Log sheet exercise (PowerPoint 569kb)

In 2021, the Parish Council decided to review its flood response procedures, so the information in these materials may need updating.