January and February 2014

In January and February 2014, flooding of the River Thames left Cookham village cut off by road for a total of 14 days and there were 30 days when at least one road was closed.  Properties in Cookham were flooded and residents and businesses experienced problems with sewage and drains. The water on the Moor Road was some 4 ft deep at its peak.  Bus services to Maidenhead and High Wycombe were cancelled from Cookham Rise.  

The Environment Agency advised the Borough Flood Group about the likelihood of the river levels experienced at the peak in February 2014 happening again. There is judged to be a 7-10% chance of the river reaching those levels again in any year.

The Parish Council assessed the flood responses and identified priority areas for action which were circulated in a lessons learned leaflet (pdf 900kb, November 2014).  The Parish Council identified the need to improve communications and agreed wider circulation of its flood update emails, arranged to set up a Flood Hub at Moor Hall during a flood and created this website.  The other priorities identified were:

  • Greater public vehicular access to the Causeway.
  • Bus replacement service needed for for Arriva Service 37 to Maidenhead.
  • A coordinated maintenance programme for small watercourses.
  • Investigate enhancing Cookham weir and the channel of the Widbrook under the A4097.
  • Call in the military earlier.
  • Improve the Thames Water Customer Response.
The Parish Council is reviewing its procedures for responding to a flood in 2021.